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Celebrating National Children Day

Celebrating National Children Day

National Children's Day is an annual event which is celebrated by the people of Indonesia every  23rd of July.

National Children's Day is celebrated considering that Indonesian children are very important and valuable assets for this nation.

This year Global Prestasi School collaborated with Sanggar Galaxy Production to make an art show on “Operet Berkemah” at Taman Ismail Marzuki.

Global Prestasi Elementary School featured  Choir, Hip hop dance performances by grades 2, 3, and 6 and also a musical show called “Operet Berkemah”. The choir  performed 2 songs, namely  “Sinanggar tulo-Yamko Rambe Yamko Medley and the song “This is me”. The performance began with Choir then followed by hip hop dance, and ended with “Operet Berkemah”  which was truly stunning. Children appeared  enthusiastic and cheerful. The school and parents collaborated well in preparing for this event.

Hopefully next year Global Prestasi Elementary School can participate again in events like this.

Created by: Mr.Josh & Mr.Sam

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