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Celebrating Scout Day in Global Prestasi School

Celebrating Scout Day in Global Prestasi School

Scouting in Indonesia was established in August 14, 1961 in which the goals are to build a strong character in the scouts, to have faith, to believe in and practice the Pancasila of Indonesia, and to be a good citizen. This year marks the 58th anniversary of the Indonesian Scout Movement (ISM) with a theme of nation-building dovetailed with guarding the values of Indonesia.

In line with ISM’s 58th anniversary, Global Prestasi Junior High School (JHS) held its Scout (aka Pramuka in Indonesian) ceremony entitled Apel Pramuka in the morning of August 14. The team of scouts in JHS, called Pasukan Penggalang, stood in ceremony as the flag was hoisted up. In addition, the scout advisor gave a speech, reminding the students the importance of being independent, creative, and taking care of nature and their motherland.

Salam Pramuka!

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