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Commemoration of Indonesia’s Independence Day to 72 years in Global Prestasi Senior High School

The splash of red and white were displayed everywhere with flags, buntings, and banners were strewn across the streets to mark the commemoration of Indonesia’s Independence Day. Independence day celebration also becomes an annual program of Global Prestasi Senior High School, which provides series of traditional activities.

 In commemorating Indonesia’ Independence Day to 72 years, Global Prestasi Senior High School carried the motivational theme accordance to the striving spirit of Indonesian to build the country, Meraih Asa, Bekerja Bersama, “Achieving Hope by working together” , which is in line with the school’ value. We had done a lot of preparation to enliven the celebrations, including preparing Paskibra, Pasukan Pengibar Bendera Pusaka or "National Flag Hoisting Troop"). Its members come from grade XI and XII high school students selected from classes. Its mission is to provide flag bearers for national flag ceremonies in the Independence Day ceremony.

For the first time, the Independence Day Ceremony on August 17th, 2017 was attended not only by students and teachers but also other supporting staffs including the security officers and cleaning service workers, who were enthusiastically participated and showed their appreciation to national heroes who fought for the independence. The ceremony was solemnly led by Ms. Bernadetha Sutanti as the ceremony inspector, reminded us to build the nation and fill the Independence by working together. The ceremony went well and GPS Paskibra had conducted its main task for hoisting the national flag of Indonesia perfectly. It was continued with everyone sang the national anthem “Indonesia Raya”, the reading of Pancasila, the preamble to the Indonesian Constitution and the Indonesian Independence Proclamation. Clarinta and Vivi, senior high students, performed national songs at the end of the ceremony. Through their touching performance, we were reminded to always love our beloved country, Indonesia.

The following day, August 18th, 2017, all school members dressed in red and white T-shirts, and participated in the traditional activities. The activities consisted of (i) class decoration contest, which encouraged students to be creative individuals, (ii) cracker-eating competition which inspired them to be consistent and think strategically, (iii) sack race, and tug of war which educated students to have a strong teamwork, perseverance, and endurance, (iv) English speech with hero-dressed participants which taught them to appreciate hero’s services and always remember hero’s struggles. The values have been embodied in these traditional games with the spirit of Independence.  Active collaboration between teachers and students resulted in the success of the celebration.

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