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GPS 7th and 8th grade students went to Buperta Cibubur to held Scout Camp together. Scout Camp is GPJHS  program in order to build and maintain students’s lifeskill. GPJSH usually held the Scout Camp on separated day with separated grade. But this year, grade 7 and grade 8 joined together.

Located in Buperta Cibubur on May 12th and 13th, Scout Camp had an energetic and fun atmosphere. The students joined so many activities such as pioneering, make a cake, make a lava lamp (science is fun program), king and queen of the jungle, rally hiking, wide games, etc. On the first day, the students gathered in the JHS field to attend the opening ceremony. Ms. Reni Marlina represented scout instuctor for grade 7, to open the Scout Camp activities, followed by cheers from the students. The instructors and all students went from GPJHS at 7.30 am and arrived at 9.00 am. The students dropped their bags and all the materials, then went to the field for having a short briefing.

Opening by Ms. Reni and Ms. Elis[/caption] The first grade 8 activities was Pioneering. The students have already learnt how to make knots for flag pole from the scout’s bamboo. Not only make flag pole and it’s 3 legged stand, they also made cloth pole. Some of them went with Mr. Andre to make lava lamp, another scout activities related with science. Grade 7 first activities was briefing, and continue with practicing line of march. Next, after Jum’at prayer, students continue the activities. Grade 7 goes for pioneering, first aid kit, happy science and performing line of march. Happy science are contain 4 activities, such as balloon practice, how to make a fire with loop, neutralizing iodine with vitamin C and capilarity test. Grade 8 goes for line of march, also performing their cheers for night’s talents show.

Two students for each group prepare to cook for their dinner, in order to train the students to have multiple skills, including cooking as one of ability that they really need. There was also craft activity, where all the grade 8 students make phone pouch from flanel fabric. The other also make some of first aid kit equipment, as they practicing how to handle person with broken hand and other light injuries. After they finished all evening activities, they have rest, take bath, serving the dinner and go for Maghrib prayer.

Grade 8 making lava lamp with Mr Andre Students knotting the bamboo as part of Pioneering activities

Daniel and Kevin, grade 8, having fun while cooking

Ms. Mayang pass on the fire from candle to Quintafila to lights up the firecamp On 7 pm, all the students from grade 7 and grade 8 gathered on the field to have fire camp ceremony. This is the common activity for scout camp. In this ceremony, the instructors gave the students short speech as refelction for them. After the ceremony, the students goes performing their talents on talents night. They have various performances, such as reading a poet, throwback pantun, fashion show, singing, etc. The activities continue with hunting treasure on 10 pm. The students must find a clue at each post to reveal the treasure. While they searching for it, they have to do some yelling, singging, and other act which burn their passion to find that treasure. After they found it, the students went to rest and sleep. Grade 7 line of march On Saturday morning, the students began the activities with prayer, continue with morning exercise. After exercise, they went rally hiking, or known as wide game. There are many games in each camp, such as spider web, filling the cup, passing balloon, morse code, etc. Every student felt very happy and cheerful. After that, they cleaned up themselves, having a bath, having lunch and prepared to go back to school. We arrived at school on 3 pm. Crawling for finish line! That’s it for this year’s Scout Camp. See you on next year’s Scout Camp with different and more fun activities!

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