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By: admin Event Posted: May 22, 2018

Glowzy and Girl Power!

Glowzy and Girl Power!

On 21st April 1879, Raden Ajeng Kartini was born in Jepara, Central Java. She was the role model for women in our country because of her role in gender equality, women’s right, and education. Although she died at a very young age, 25 years old, her spirit lives on. She was then established as one of Indonesia’s national heroine and keep inspiring every woman in Indonesia. We celebrate her birthdate every year and call it as Kartini Day.

On the same day, 139 years later, four girls from Global Prestasi Senior High School surely prove themselves to continue the spirit of Raden Ajeng Kartini. They are Dyah Laksmi Ayusya, Josephine Audrey, and Olivia Tsabitah from grade XI, also Putu Adrien Premadhitya from grade X. They may not be educators like who Kartini was, but they have proven that women at a very young age could achieve something great with their passion, teamwork, and perseverance.

Yes, under the name of GLOWZY, the girls have once again proven that Global Prestasi Senior High School’s modern dance team is still one of the best in Bekasi area. They won 1st place at Tunas Jaka Sampurna modern dance competition, which was held at Tunas Jaka Sampurna School, Saturday, 21st April 2018.

Nine schools were competing that day. Nine schools which they met several times and made up some friendly rivalry, such as SMA Negeri 44 Jakarta, SMA Yadika, SMA Labschool Kebayoran, and also SMA Pax Patriae. The last one was really friendly that they invited us to join their event on August next academic year. The four girls will be the senior team next year!

What made me, as their teacher, proud is the four of them were so busy the past few weeks before the competition. Weekly tests, Blok Pramuka, Fortals Pre-Event, and many more school activities. The XI graders were also busy while competing because they also had to prepare and rehearse for their Theatre Project which was held on May 5th, 2018. The X grader also was busy with the Entrepreneur Project and marketing competition which she finally achieves 2nd prize.

With all these busy things going around them, somehow they still manage to practice dancing and earn a trophy. They practiced once a week at least and upgrade their costume so they can show one outstanding performance at Tunas Jaka Sampurna modern dance competition.

So this was once again a wonderful victory, right on Kartini Day. A super heartwarming news despite all the busy activities. The girls have shown what girl power is made of. What Kartini had taught us, what women supposed to do in the society: achieve the best and make our nation proud. We can achieve anything if we work really hard and use our passion as our strength. In this case, dancing is one of the girls’ passion.

I am so proud and hopefully, the girls can grow stronger each day, more today than yesterday. As I always say, glowing strong, Glowzy!


Anitya Wahdini

Senior High School Teacher & Modern Dance Club Cooordinator

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