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Glowzy: Best of Both Worlds!

What to expect when you are super busy preparing your research paper’s oral defense and an invitation just came to your door? An invitation which you are longing for: to compete on a modern dance competition!

You see, oral defense is what the 11th graders are worrying about this early semester, or do I need to mention, since last school holiday? How to present, how to answer the questions from the judges, will I succeed or will I fail, what if the judges don’t like me, and many more horrible thoughts dancing in their mind. Which actually in my opinion, they don’t have to worry much if they did it by themselves and seriously – no copy paste from the internet.

This experience haunted nearly all the 11th graders, including Josephine Audrey, Olivia Tsabitah, and Dyah Laksmi, three of our Glowzy members. They are very serious students if you’re talking about KTI (research paper), but they just couldn’t resist the dance competition invitation from Marsudirini senior high school.

They told me they wanted to join the competition at all cause. They promised me the competition will not be a distraction to their oral defense and they will practice hard and take this competition seriously. They prepared their oral defense presentation first, some of them even practice their presentation in front of me, and then attending the dance practice later. And you know what? They kept their promises.

So, last Saturday (20/1) the three of them danced all out with the hip-hop and traditional contemporary rhytm in front of Marsudirini judges and spectators. Their practice until late in the afternoon for the past two weeks transform into a beautiful performance. Between oral defense and dance practice, they really nailed it!

Practice and hard work will never betray the result. The girls got first prize on the competition and they also had a smooth oral defense presentation. I’m possitively sure if you try your best, then you will have a sweet ending. Both for oral defense and dancing. I’m guessing they really have the best of both worlds. Congratulations, Glowzy!

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