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Halal Bihalal 2017 of Senior High Global Prestasi

Halal bi Halal is an Islam tradition considered as the most wonderful time of the year after  Ramadhan, fasting month. It spurred deeper connections and observations into the Islamic faith and  community. Halal Bihalal is celebrated, as many things are in Indonesia in gathering together with school community, family and friends, ceremony, prayer and eating food.

One week after school resume from the two week break, Global Prestasi Senior High school held Halal Bihalal celebration. All moeslem students participated in the celebration started with the sermon delivered by Mr. Asep Saifudin, reminding the members of the congregation to respect each other and build harmony in diversity. Then, continued with contest and entertainment which were attended by all students. The school has creatively arranged the programmes coloured with some Islam-nuanced contests and entertainments, such as stand-up comedy, read Holy Qur An, and Moeslem Queen.

The celebration ran well as expected to build a strongest tie to school community. We also ask forgiveness from any former wrongdoings towards the others with the phrase “Mohon Maaf Lahir dan Batin” which is y translated to “I’m apologizing from my heart and soul,” while shaking hands each other in the end of the progam  It was a great momentum to strengthen the relationships of students, especially in Global Prestasi Senior High School.

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