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As part of the Indonesian Scout Movement, Global Prestasi Scout has taken the mandate to foster the students with scouting system to nurture them to be the nation’s cadres and leaders with an excellent principal character, good and wise behavior with religious values in accordance with their own individual beliefs.

As classified in the Scout Movement, senior high school students belong to Rover and Ranger Scout, “Prabu Siliwangi (male group) and Nyi Subanglarang (female group)”, which have designed great activities that encapsulate all methods implemented during the coaching to be a member of the Scout Movement, called Raimuna . Rover and Ranger scout require methods and types of activities that aim to direct them to be a good nation builder cadre that is reliable for himself and his family. Raimuna itself is a mandatory school activity, which requires all student participation as part of compulsory scout curriculum. Before joining Raimuna, the students were obliged to complete their SKU (Merit System Badges) as the main requirement.

Scout Movement of Global Prestasi Senior High School conducted Raimuna with theme “ Create Change with Discipline and Hard work ” from July 24 th – 27 th , 2017 in Wanakula Camp, Subang, West Java. It consisted of great activities for the development of insight, devotion, skill, and culture. Around 200 students from grade XI and XII, and 18 teachers attended GPS Raimuna 2017.

All participants were divided into 24 Sangga (patrol), where each Sangga were led by a patrol leader and guided by a mentor respectively. They went ahead to Wanakula Camp at 7 AM and the program was officiated by Mr. Iman Safari as the Operation Head. During the four-days activities, all members were taught on how to set up a tent, cook by themselves, use compass, detect foot prints evidence, practice drill marching, build corporation, learn the knotting, conduct community service, survive in the nature, give a charity to the locals and go for a natural adventure. Lastly, the event was closed by talent show performance from each sangga. The overall process was basically comprised of the essence of educational, creativity, productivity, innovation, and recreational, using the method of affective, cognitive, and psychomotor skills. The main objectives were to enhance the devotion to God Almighty, enhance the concept of nationalism, increase the sense of togetherness among the youth of Indonesia, become leaders cadre in the community, and also acquire additional skills and experiences. As expected, Raimuna 2017 of Global Prestasi senior high school ran smoothly because of the active collaborations conducted between the students and teachers

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