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Harmony in diversity. Sunday, 29th July 2019, Alpha Student Councils of GPS JHS got a very valuable and most memorable moments from Yayasan Pusat Kemandirian Anak (YPKA) Bekasi to join the Children’s Day 2019 that took place in London School Public Relation & Trans Snow World Juanda – Bekasi with special needs children (Inclusion child).

In this occasion, Mr. Tri Adhiato as the Vice Mayor of Bekasi greeted us and opened this event. We felt so amazed that we could see so many talented inclusion children who performed their talent in that beautiful occasion. It made us realized that everyone could be special, there were 3 girls that could perform a beautiful traditional dance even though they had a difficulty in hearing the music (deaf). There was also a boy that could play drum very well even though he was autistic. There was a girl who can not see very well (blind) and autistic, but her voice made all of us cry and this girl had already performed in front of Mr. President, Joko Widodo.after we got entertained by the wonderful special needs’ children, we had a chance to play with them in the Trans Snow World. We just want they had a wonderful time playing with snow, that’s why we helped them and watched them so that they wouldn’t have any difficulties in there. Playing with them made us realized that they could be as fun as our daily friends in school. It was really fun to play with them.  











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