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Starting a new school is always a great challenge and experience therefore it’s important for new students to be prepared before immersing themselves in the learning process in the classroom.  Conducting the SEO before the classes began helps to acclimatize the new students to a new learning community.

Global Prestasi School’s senior high school conducted its School Environment Orientation (SEO) from 10-12 July 2019 with the theme “Independence and Responsibility”. Organized by the Senior High Students – OSIS members and teachers, it was designed to integrate the newly admitted freshmen of senior high students into the school’s academic, cultural, and social climates. Students were introduced to the school’s library, Information Technology focus, and academic and non-academic activities.  In addition, the students were familiarized with the school environment and facilities.


Scout Camp is a definite source of cool stories to share with their classmates, friends, family members, teachers, and fellow Scouts. Locally called Raimuna 2019, it is an annual program for rover and ranger scouts of Global Prestasi who will go camping for three days, and are mentored by Second class rover and ranger scouts, and their rover scoutmasters. This year’s theme was “Togetherness for Our Sustainable Environmental Future”.

There are countless benefits of joining Raimuna 2019 and they are the following:

Independence - Away from the safety of their parents, the rover and ranger scouts to be independent, to be responsible for their own actions and for doing their part for the troupe. Learning independence at a young age sets a strong foundation for a healthy, happy future.  

Nature appreciation – An appreciation for nature is inculcated in the rover and ranger scouts through the activities that also help to keep their environment clean.

Mental acuity - They learn valuable problem solving skills. For example, on hiking trips, the rover and ranger scouts may be required to use nothing but a compass to get back to base camp thus they have to rely on critical thinking and observational skills.

Conflict resolution - In a group consisting almost entirely of peers, the rover and ranger scouts must solve problems among themselves, allowing them to develop a deeper understanding of differences and the need to cultivate friendships that are free of emotional dependency.

Teamwork – The rover and range scouts learn the true meaning of working towards a common goal, of being considerate of others, and working hand-in-hand to achieve the set goal/s. The narcissistic vision of one’s self is eliminated through learning to be part of a team or group.


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