Senior High School Education Curriculum

As an SPK School, Global High School organizes the National curriculum and the International curriculum.

For the national curriculum, Global Prestasi High School implements the 2013 curriculum which integrates the ability of knowledge, skills, and character (in spiritual and social attitudes) that forms a unity that is collected to form a smart, well-trained, well-characterized Global High School.

The academic process carried out at SMA Global Prestasi always trains children to be disciplined, independent, and maximize all the competencies provided by each student according to their characteristics and abilities.

Subjects are given with the help of students to convey their future challenges, by giving students in 2013 curriculum enriched with additional students becoming more high-achieving.

Global High Schools such as IELTS Preparation and Foreign Languages (Japanese, German, or Mandarin) where students must choose to be compatible over the years.

Global High School has high regard for the diversity that has become an Indonesian color by providing religious studies (Islam, Christianity, Catholicism, Buddhism, or Hinduism) following in accordance with the religions of students.

We always instill in our life habits mutual respect for the family and schools for the background of my ethnicity, religion, culture, and race to separate life together and work together in achieving mutual goals.

High School Global Achievement provides international curriculum through cooperation with the Institution of the International Education Assessment Cartridge (CAIE) in providing several GIGSE lessons (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) as a Cambridge Upper Secondary program.

The IGCSE subjects given are IGCSE Mathematics and IGCSE ICT for students, and IGCSE English as a second language, IGCSE Physics, IGCSE Chemistry, and IGCSE Global Perspectives for students who take special classes for Cambridge Preparation. Since October 16, 2012, Global Achievement High School has become the Cambridge Center with ID number 289.