On December 10, 2018 grade 8 students had a program called Scout Day. Scout day was held at JHS field and conducted by Scout Couch (Kakak Pembina Pramuka). The students have already had a lot of knowledge about scout for a semester, so the purpose of this activity is to measure how the students can  accomplish the last assessment about the material.

In this activity the students practice how to make a peta pita. The students have to be able to  use compass and describe a route using a ribbon. They also have to practice a code. This is one of the communication skill without human voice. And they also have a lot of laugh, team work, and communication in team because they have to finish a lot of fun games.

Yes, we had a lot of fun in 5 hours. See you on the next scout day and don’t forget to took forward to the other fun activities.