"Today a READER, tomorrow a LEADER." Reading is one of the most important skills in language. October is
well known as a Language Month in our country, Indonesia. Usually, school has a lot of of program to celebrate this event. One of the biggest events we had this school year is Literary Festival.

I would like to give the highest appreciation for our PIC (Mr Deni & Mr Agung) and also the hard work of all teachers and staff for the support of this event so it was running successfullly. I really amazed with the enthusiasm of the students as well as parents to support this event by wearing spectacular costume of their favorite book.

I hope this great event will boost the love of our students' toward reading because reading is an essential skill. I believe reading will broaden students' knowledge and also open their eyes to see the whole world.

You can find the magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax. All you need is a book. - Dr Seuss