On February 03, Global Prestasi School once again welcomed a New Year in the Chinese calendar. To herald the coming of the new King of the Year, the rat, GPS held a one-day celebration punctuated by song and dance numbers, games, and other performances. It was hosted by Tasya, teacher of the Mandarin language, and Shafa, grade 11 student, who spoke in Mandarin and Indonesian.

One of the highlights of the celebration was a wushu performance by Kira of the elementary Cambridge Preparatory Class. Kira is one of the country’s wushu athletes who has participated in various competitions at the national and international levels, and has won medals. Also enlivening the event were the duo Morie and Clarinta singing Lao Shu AI Da Mi, a modern dance by the Glowzy dance group composed of senior high school students, a song number by the JHS students, and a ballet performance by the kindergarten students of Montessori.

The highlight was the Liong Dance performed by the litle Liong troupe that mesmerized teachers, students, staff, and several parents alike with their jaw-dropping and acrobatic movements that saw them soaring in the air and landing nimbly on the covered court of GPS over and over again until the lucky orange was taken.


Gong Xi Fa Cai!