During these two days (28-29 January 2020), all GPES students enthusiastically took part in sports competitions at school. There were 15 sports events, such as futsal, basketball, badminton, Taekwondo, Wushu, athletics, etc. Moreover, there were 375 medals contested by all elementary students who participated.

The event began with a very lively opening ceremony through a morning exercise which was also one of the contests. Mr. Yulianto, the Principal of  Global Prestasi Elementary School, hit the gong which marked the opening of the Sports Day 2020.

The students cheered with joy and excitement. Then, they headed straight to their respective sites for their sports events. Thanks to God, the weather during the event was sunny so the competitions were played out well according to the predetermined schedule.

Both winning and losing are parts of  sports competitions. During those two days, GPES students learnt to have a sense of sportsmanship and honesty.

The ones who won, learnt not to be arrogant, while the other ones who didn’t win remained enthusiastic, learnt to accept defeat and acknowledge that life is full of second chances.