We live in a throwaway society but plastics are here to stay, so what’s the alternative? Why should we care?

Plastic waste is a huge problem in Indonesia. Over the past few years, various images surfaced on the Internet and media showing how beaches on Bali – the famous island that forms the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia - are swamped by plastic garbage. Another example is the city of Bandung (West Java) where the Indonesian army had to lend a helping hand last year to fish plastic garbage out of local rivers.

Plastic wrap and containers cover fresh supermarket food and get binned once we get home. Plastics also feature heavily in our kitchens, from cling film from containers and lunch boxes. Many plastics can’t be recycled and once we bin them, they either go to landfill or end up in our waterways. Microplastics have been accumulating in our blue and green spaces since the 1960’s, but they’re not only an environmental concern, they affect our health too.

We are Elementary Global Prestasi School as an education institution and also a part of community has an important role to do some changes related to this issue. We had done some program to less plastics in our school. We also shared some important information around school environment to give messages to everyone so we can reduce plastics from ourselves. Two events that we had this week are on Monday (24 February 2020), we had a small workshop for teachers to create their own shopping bag. Hopefully starting from little thing that we did; we can do some changes through our habits to lessen using plastics bags. Next, on Friday, 28 February 2020 we held an activity for all of the students too from Grade 1 to Grade 6. They made a shopping bag like teachers had done before.

We need to reduce consumption of all plastics products rather than simply finding ways to deal with the waste we all create. We have a responsibility to make change from ourselves.