Final exam is just around the corner! That’s why we had given one day for Grade 6 students to have some   fun and a little bit of relaxation with Yoga. This activity was called ‘Character Building’ that was held last   Wednesday, March 4th 2020 in Taman Wiladatika Cibubur. Together, we departed from Global Prestasi   School to do some activities; not only the students, but also homerooms and counselors.  When we arrived at the location, students joined ice breaking games. After that, students were divided into   groups, and each group prepared a yell to show to others. This years ‘Character Building’ has theme,   “Never Give Up”. We hope that the theme can be a reminder and encouragements for students to be   ready  in facing the final exam. “Never Give Up” also poured in games that were expected to achieve   maximum result, good teamwork, and acceptance of results of achievement.  After each group had done the games which were divided into 5 stations, they did the Yoga for relaxation   and calming the mind before final exam. From this one-day activity, we hope students are more and more ready in facing the final exam. Goodluck, students!