Be independent, be the new you!

This time we want to review Character Building program grade 5, that took place last 11 - 13 February 2020 in Villa Bukit Pinus. This activity has been conducted outside the school, with the aim to instill the character of independence of students as early as possible,
to shape students confidence, help students overcome problems and take responsibility for themselves and others.

This activity riveted our dear students. Students engaged in the following activities : ice breaking big group, grouping, group enthusiasm performance, boddies rope, black hole, group performance, treasure hunt, find a clue, building a tent, cooking experience at outdoor, trust games, bonfire and barbecue. Moreover, they took part with competition games, final challenges and best team announcements.

During the activity, students were seen happy and enthusiastic, although some were visibly upset with the group team. With the values given from the social environment, it can help students to effectively socialize and to precisely be decisive.