Wild Animals aren’t scary anymore, because of our parents’ creativity. Yipppie!

Global Prestasi Montessori is able to face the obstacle which is pandemic in conducting Parents Creative Teaching. This event is being held on 9 November and is having several objectives. This event gives an opportunity to the parents to be an education’s hero and be involved in the school's event. Even more, the children may feel honour of their parents while having them in the classroom. There are so many interesting activities that have been prepared by the parents’ representatives. What are those and how excited are the students to join those activities? Now, let's find out!

In Nursery 2 class, the students make the “Elephant Loves Fruits” for wall decoration. Morning and Afternoon classes are joining to do craft and watch the video led by Ms. Sudaryoto (Darren’s Mom) and Yulia Damayanti (Letty’s Mom). The students are very enthusiastic to paste the elephants, tree, and the apples template. Yippie! 

Moreover in K1 Bright A, Ms. Rike Aditya Paloko (Javi’s Mom) has collaborated with the PTA in introducing the elephant to the students through storytelling “Elephant the Giant Herbivore”. They learn the elephant’s body parts and make a craft. The interesting part in this class is they are so excited to yell their elephant’s jargon,

“Gajah, gajah... Toeeet, toeeet!!!”

“Wild Animals of Indonesia” and “Orangutan Handicraft” are the activities in K1 Bright B. Ms. Shierli Simandinata (Jaxon’s Mom) tells the story of an orangutan and asks the students to do finger painting on the orangutan picture. Can you imagine how fun it is? However, some students feel uneasy while having their fingers dirty. That's the fun part, kiddos. K1 Bright C students take charge in “Rescuing North Pole Animals” activity led by Ms. Dhiesta Natalia (Narendra’s Mom). They need to rescue the animals that were frozen a day before. They are really eager to rescue those animals by cracking the ice. You can do it!

Meanwhile in K2 Shine A, the students make ”Paper Snake Craft” with Ms. Devi Hong (Nick’s Mom). They feel amazed that from the plain paper, they can create snake craft by folding it instructively. Cool! Let’s move to K2 Shine B. In this class, Mr. Rusli Sumanti (Disney’s Dad) invites the students to have an adventure to the jungle. They want to meet the King of the Jungle, Lion. Furthermore, they are able to follow the steps to make “Lion Party Head”. They are so happy and proud to wear their own creation. Roar! Last but not least, K2 Shine C has other interesting activities. Ms. Ajeng Kenmastuti (Aubree’s Mom) leads the students to make “Paper Plate Lion Craft”, sing and take pictures together. They are so glad to strike some poses to close those activities. What a happy day!

The parents who participate in PCT are holding our hampers.

That’s all our activities in this PCT. It is nice to see all programs are able to run well. In addition, the students, parents and teachers have delightful moments to share within this program. We never cannot thank you enough for Parents’ participation and extended support as education’s heroes.

See you in the upcoming PCT!

9 the November 2020. Global Prestasi School

Written by, Nova Manik, a Montesorri homeroom teacher.

Edited by, Eti Triyana, Sofia Marantika, Bella Viona C.

Captured by, Homerooms and courtesy of Parents.