Milking a cow during the pandemic? Let’s learn it!

In Week 8, our topic discussion is about Cow, we have a fun activity “Milking the Cow” during this week. The students have been provided with rubber gloves, white asturo paint, and a cow template to be set as the imitation of a cow. These materials give the students an opportunity to have real simulation of milking cows.

This activity has several purposes which are, the students can develop hand and eye coordination, also strengthen their hands and fingers in the process. They are very happy to do this activity at home.

Great job, N2 Sparkle! Stay safe and healthy!

20 th November 2020, Global Prestasi School

Written by: Yohana Alvita Rosari, A Montessori Homeroom Teacher of N2.

Edited by: Nova Manik, Sofia Marantika, Bella Viona C.

Captured by: Laila Diah Marwati