It's a wonderful time to have our Fun Art that includes Craft and Music activities. These activities were done on Thursday, 10 December 2020.

In K1, the craft itself is about “Going to the Zoo”, where the students have to guess the animals from the clues given and have them stick on the zoo plan. They guess some animals that live in the zoo, such as rhino, lion, bird, giraffe, etc. by answering the questions about their characteristics. After guessing, they can paste the animals' picture on the zoo's plan template.

The students look so happy to put the animals' picture to their spots on the zoo's plan template. It's also exciting to have their sharing about the zoo's experience and what animals do they like. Good job, kids.

Meanwhile in K2, the students also have Craft and Music & Movements. In Craft, they have “Animals Habitats” as the activity. The students get the template of four habitats like dessert, ocean, forest, and savanna. They have received some animal pictures for each habitat as well. This activity helps them to identify more about animals and where they live. What a fun thing to sort out those animals to their habitat by doing the Craft. Yippee!

Moreover, the students have a chance to move their body by doing Senam Sehat Gembira. This kind of exercise lets the students to do movements by following the instructions that are sung in the song. They are captivated by the music and enjoy doing the movements excitedly. Yeay!

Those activities accommodate the students’ both fine and gross motor skills. They also have the opportunity to channel their ideas and thoughts by participating in the activities.

See you and stay healthy!

10 th December 2020. Global Prestasi School.

Written by: Ruth A. Manurung & Bernadette Sinaga, a Montessori Homeroom Teacher of K1; Nova Manik a Montessori Homeroom Teacher of K2

Edited by: Eti Triyana.

Photos by: Homerooms K1 and K2.