At the end of this term, the Fun Activity is the main vibes. This term, we have so much fun with the topics to be discussed. The students learn about the Animals Kingdom. Now, here we are too excited to listen to a story. Yes! We have a pupete show as storytelling time in our Week 11 entitled “Friendship is Never End” as the opening of our Fun Week. The event that was being held on Monday, 7 December 2020, is full of excitement and entertainment.

This story is about the adventure of four animals which are Mr Rabbit, Mr Monkey, Mr Elephant, and Mr Tiger to the Town of Harmony. At the beginning of the story, Mr Rabbit sneaks out of his master since the master wants to get rid of him. In his journey to the Town of Harmony to be a fine musician, Mr Rabbit meets the rest of the animals and they become good friends. Along the way, they feel starving and craving for food. Surprisingly, they find a house that has plenty of food and beverages. Greedily, the three of them eat and eat and drink and drank except Mr Elephant. Unfortunately, those three lost their voices after eating and drinking. Mr Tiger is so sad losing his beautiful voice. Don't worry, Mr Monkey has a great idea! He shows his buddies the way for the herbal plant to heal their voices. But, oow! They have some obstruction to get the herbal plant. It is not as easy as they thought. In the end, Mr Elephant reminds them to work together to reach the herbal plant… And yeay, they did it! So then, from that moment on, Mr. Rabbit, Mr Monkey, Mr Elephant, and Mr Tiger become best friends forever. It is always nice and fun when we do all the good things or reach our dreams together with our best friends.

All of the characters are well played by the teachers. They practice making our storytelling lively. It is a delightful moment for all of the students to enjoy it at their own homes. They even participate in dancing and answering the quizzes enthusiastically. Great job! See you in the next fun activity, dear students. Stay safe and healthy.

7th December 2020. Global Prestasi School.

Written by: Yohana Alvita Rosari a Montessori Homeroom Teacher of N2 and Nova Manik a Montessori Homeroom Teacher of K2

Edited by: Sofia Marantika

Photos by: Made Laksmi Prastikadewi & Nova Manik