Teaching kids to prepare their own food is as important as teaching them life skills. When kids learn to prepare food, they learn more than how to make a healthy meal. Their confidence improves as they learn to prepare different things. Making a sandwich is a simple thing that we are going to do for this fun cooking activity. We are glad to have this activity as our finale of this Fun Week. Let’s see who is very busy making the sandwiches on Friday, 11 December 2020.

Since our theme for this second term is about "Animal Kingdom", we make Animal Sandwich. We need to prepare some slices of bread, choco spread, peanut butter with fruits like banana, strawberry, blueberry, and grape. Besides cooking their own food, the students also use fine motor skills while making their sandwiches using utensils and adding ingredients. Students of all levels can learn to apply the choco spread or peanut butter. Meanwhile, specifically for K2 students, they learn to use a plastic knife to cut bananas and slice soft strawberries as well.

Super easy for the kids and fun indeed!

This Fun Cooking is conducted by our one and only chef, Chef Andre. He leads the students on how to make their own Animal Sandwich in a fun way. Firstly, he introduces the ingredients to the students, and then he gives the instructions orderly.

It is glad to see the students’ enthusiasm to follow the steps well. At the end of the session, the students show their very own sandwiches proudly and happily. What a fun cooking experience.

Hungry? Let’s make a sandwich :)

11th December 2020. Global Prestasi School.

Written by: Ratih Indria and Nova Manik, a Montessori Homeroom Teacher of K2.

Edited by: Bernadette Sinaga

Photos by: Made Laksmi Prastikadewi & Nova Manik