Science experiments should not only be educational but should be a great experience at the same time! Some experiments enchant yet give deep insight rather than some explanation, indeed. The students have a great chance to explore their curiosity about the experiments on Thursday, 10 December 2020.

The K1s’ students have Raining Sponge activity for Fun Science. No need to use fancy or expensive materials to gain knowledge. By using some simple materials like a sponge, bowls, glass, spoon, water, and a bit drops of food colouring, we can create a remarkable experiment. This is how we experiment. First, we put the sponge on the mouth of the glass then we pour it with the water. Second, we observe the water that goes down underneath the sponge every time we squish it. We can see the sponge as if it is the cloud that holds rainwater.  This is our way to learn about the process of rain. The students look well prepared and do it eagerly.

What a fun and memorable experience we had!

Doing and observing the science experiment about Polar Bear Blubber is the Fun Science that the students have in K2. All of them are enthusiastically preparing all the materials needed like ice cubes, big bowls, cold water, plastic bags to cover their hands, and some butter. They pay attention to the instructions given. First, they need to cover their hand with plastic then spread the butter on it. Afterwards, they cover it again using other plastic. Next, the students put their both hands into the cold water that has been mixed with the ice cubes, then they compare which hand is feeling colder.

From these activities, the students not only have fun with it but also get the knowledge about why the polar bears can stay longer inside the ice environment because it has blubber that covers its body. Great job, dear K2.

It is a joyous moment to see their interest to do those experiments. Stay curious, dear kids!

10th December 2020. Global Prestasi School.

Written by: Dian Puspita , Fidel Maura, a Montessori Homeroom Teacher of K1; and Bestaria Zendrato a Montessori Homeroom Teacher of K2

Edited by: Nova Manik

Photos by: Homerooms of K1 and K2