Character Building Siswa Kelas VIII Sindang Barang, Bogor

Character Building kelas VIII Global Prestasi School tahun ini kembali dilaksanakan di Kampung Budaya Sindang Barang, Bogor. Tujuan utama dilaksanakannya Character Building di tempat ini adalah untuk memperkenalkan budaya Jawa Barat dari penduduk aslinya.    Kegiatannya seru dan edukatif.

The senior high students take in the ambience of the universities in Yogyakarta

From October 5 -9, Global Prestasi School’s senior high students were incredibly occupied with events taking place in all of the grade levels. The tenth graders took part in a trip known as “Life Skill”, while the eleventh graders spent time in a local Immersion trip.

Music lovers head to GPS for a night of jazz and fun at Fortals Jazz Festival

Last Saturday, October 24, Global Prestasi held its fifth Arts Festival, also known as Fortals. However, this year’s event was quite different than that of the previous years. This year’s theme was based on the word ‘Luminous’ which is defined as radiating, reflecting light, or to shine.