senior high school activity


As part of the Indonesian Scout Movement, Global Prestasi Scout has taken the mandate to foster the students with scouting system to nurture them to be the nation’s cadres and leaders with an excellent principal character, good and wise behavior with religious values in accordance with their own individual beliefs.


Commemoration of Indonesia’s Independence Day to 72 years in Global Prestasi Senior High School

The splash of red and white were displayed everywhere with flags, buntings, and banners were strewn across the streets to mark the commemoration of Indonesia’s Independence Day. Independence day celebration also becomes an annual program of Global Prestasi Senior High School, which provides series of traditional activities.


Halal Bihalal 2017 of Senior High Global Prestasi

Halal bi Halal is an Islam tradition considered as the most wonderful time of the year after  Ramadhan, fasting month. It spurred deeper connections and observations into the Islamic faith and  community. Halal Bihalal is celebrated, as many things are in Indonesia in gathering together with school community, family and friends, ceremony, prayer and eating food.