Curriculum of Early Childhood Global Prestasi

Global Prestasi Montessori- CURRICULUM

  •   • National Curriculum
  •   • Montessori Method with five areas (EPL, Sensorial, Language, Math, and Culture)

Global Prestasi Montessori caters an early childhood education for 2-6 year old children that are grouped into the level of :

  •   • Nursery 1 (2-3 Years Old).
  •   • Nursery 2 (3-4 Years Old).
  •   • Kindergarten 1 (4-5 Years Old).
  •   • Kindergarten 2 (5-6 Years Old).

National Curriculum of 2013 which is supported by Montessori method becomes our foundation in providing suitable and quality programs for the children of preschool and kindergarten to grow as life-long learners and independent and responsible future leaders.

Curriculum of Elementary Global Prestasi

Elementary Global Prestasi School curriculum is affiliated with National Curriculum (Kurikulum Tingkat Satuan Pendidikan 2013) and Cambridge Curriculum.


National Curriculum 2013 is an advanced step in development of competency based on previous Curriculum that has been pioneered in 2004 and  KTSP 2006. Curriculum 2013 has four aspects of assessment, namely aspects of knowledge, aspects of skills, aspects of attitude, and aspects of behavior.


The Cambridge international curriculum sets a global standard for education, and is recognised worldwide. Cambridge curriculum is flexible, challenging and inspiring, culturally sensitive yet international in approach. Cambridge students develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning.


The curriculum at Global Prestasi is starting with Cambridge Primary and moving through to IGCSE. The integrated international programmes ensure a smooth transition through the years of schooling and provide the opportunity for students to succeed in a stimulating, externally validated and highly respected world-class educational programme.

Although we use the Cambridge Assessment which is adapted from prepation in Cambridge program.


Cambridge Primary English enables learners to communicate confidently and effectively and to develop the critical skills to respond to a range of information, media and texts with understanding and enjoyment. Our end-of-programme assessments give students focus, motivation and a challenge. We assess what is of greatest value to our students - deep subject knowledge, conceptual understanding and higher order thinking skills. Assessment is in English and is accessible to speakers of English as a second or foreign language.

Curriculum of Junior High Global Prestasi

Curriculum of Junior High Global Prestasi ( In English)

The Junior High Global Prestasi School follows the Indonesian National Curriculum, which is known as 2013 Curriculum and enriched by the Cambridge Curriculum. These curricula are referred to as GPS Curriculum. This GPS curriculum is a set of a prescribed content and common achievement standards used by the school to map the students’ learning programs and assess their progress. Furthermore, GPS Curriculum consists of two of program: GPS Program and Cambridge Programs. The implementation of these programs will have the students sit for a variety of exams thus for the students under the GPS Program, they are to take the following exams.

  • Key English Test (KET) for grade 8 students 
  • School Examination for all grade 9 students
  • Computer-based National Examination for all grade 9 students
  • Preliminary English Test (PET) for grade 9 students


For the students enrolled in the Cambridge Program, the advanced classes of the unit, they are to take the following exams.

  • Preliminary English Test (PET) for grade 7 students
  • CambridgeCheckpoint English for grade 8 students
  • School Examination for all grade 9 students
  • Computer-based National Examination for all grade 9 students
  • Cambridge Checkpoint Math for grade 9 students
  • Cambridge Checkpoint Science for grade 9 students
  • First Certificate of English (FCE) for grade 9 students


In addition, all students are expected to complete the following annual activities, which are compulsory. They include:

  • Film Festival for all grade 8 students (the end result of a film-making project)
  • CP Production for all Cambridge Program students 
  • Youth Environment Summit (or YES) for grade 8 Cambridge Program students

Curriculum of Senior High Global Prestasi

Global Prestasi Senior High School (GPS) runs a National Curriculum and also an International Curriculum. 


National Curriculum 

          For the national curriculum, GPS runs the 2013 curriculum which combines knowledge, skill, as well as the characters (spiritual and social) into one holistic competency that shapes all the GPS graduates to become a smart, skillful, and kind-hearted individual. The academic process conducted in GPS trains the students to be disciplined, independent, and always willing to maximize all their own unique potentials.

          The subjects that we offer are suitable for the students’ need for their future preparation. Aside from the core subjects in the 2013 curriculum, GPS has also enriched the students with some additional subjects such as IELTS Preparation and Foreign Languages (including Japanese, German and Mandarin), one of which each student can choose to learn from their three years learning at the GPS.

          GPS really appreciates the diversity which becomes the color of our nation by giving five Religion subjects (Islam, Christian, Catholic, Buddhism or Hindu) in accordance with the students’ beliefs. We always impose the habit of respecting one another, regardless of our ethnicity, religion, culture, and race to live together and hand in hand to reach our goals.


International Curriculum

          The Global Prestasi School offers the international curriculum by cooperating with Cambridge Assessment of International Education (CAIE) in giving some IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) subjects as a Cambridge Upper Secondary program. IGCSE subjects that we give are IGCSE Mathematics and IGCSE ICT for all grade X and XI students, IGCSE English as a second language, IGCSE Physics, IGCSE Chemistry, IGCSE ICT, and IGCSE Global Perspective for the students who are taking the Cambridge Preparation class. Since 16 October 2012 GPS has become as a Cambridge Centre with the number ID 289.


Excellent Programs

          To support the students’ educational process, the Global Prestasi School also gives many excellent programs such as habituation, life skills, and self-development programs for their actualization.

Habituation programs are:

·      Flag Hosting Ceremony every Monday and National days

·      Morning Greeting by the students and teachers on duty

·      Singing National Anthem “Indonesia Raya” every morning before we start the learning process and National song before we finish the school day in the afternoon.

·      Morning Exercise every Thursday morning

·      Cleanliness check by OSIS committee every day in the afternoon


Life Skill Programs are:

·      Local Immersion for grade X

·      Career Camp for grade XI

·      Campus Immersion for grade XII

·      Field Study for grade X and XI

·      Youth Empowerment for all grades


Self-Development Programs are:

·      Scout (compulsory for all students)

·      Cooking (compulsory for all students)

·      OSIS and MPK

·      Sports (Basket, Futsal, Badminton, Taekwondo)

·      Art (Fine Art, Music, Theater, Modern Dance, Saman Dance)

·      Technology (ICT, Photography)



          The Global Prestasi School offers both academic and non-academic scholarships for the best grade 9 students who meet the qualification. The academic scholarship is offered to those who have once represented Bekasi for Provence and National level of the National Science Olympiad. The non-academic scholarship is offered to those who have good potential in basketball and singing.