A yearly excursion in Global Prestasi School (GPS) Junior High School is what the students and teachers are looking forward. The JHS aims to let the students apply their learning to the outside world, have the chance to engage actively with the environment and to discover that learning can also take place outside the classroom.The theme of this year is "Enhancing Curiosity Beyond the Classroom". On February 13, 2020, the grade 8 students of the GPS Cambridge Preparatory Class visited two famous sites in Bandung City. The first one is the Boscha Observatory. During the visit to the observatory, the students were able to witness how the actual telescope is used to see planets and other objects in outer space not visible to the human eye. An expert in the field also gave a lecture on the usefulness of telescope. Worksheets were provided to the learners to put what they learned into words. The second place was Jendela Alam, a botanical garden that enables the students to see different kinds of plants and animals. Students were able to learn through a lecture about botany, and an interesting exchange of questions and answers about biology lesson occurred after. Their knowledge about art was infused during the visit by painting a farmer's hat. They were also given souvenirs to bring home. After a long day of engaging activities, students shared what they learned and what took away from this year's extracurricular activity.