One simple and meaningful question came to Students of GPS, “ Who is a hero in your life?”

Talking about a hero would lead students’ memory to national heroes struggling for Independence day, such as Soekarno, Hatta, Syahrir, or even Bung Tomo who inflamed the spirit young Surabayanesse with his oration. However, a figure of personal hero in life on each student is not subjectively much different; they are parents, or teachers who always guide and inspire them the whole life.

Themed “Pahlawan & Kita” implying a figure of hero existing around our life, GPS reintroduce the best alumni to share their valuable experiences. The event was intended to broaden the students’ insight and inspiration about the next road after High School, and how school and teachers’ education as well as parents’ affection be able to lead them to the promising future.

This year invited 12 alumni from different backgrounds of study programmes and professions with one red line, namely : being proud to be a part of GPS. They are Kelvin Theandro Gotama (Doctor), Ryan Heriandi (Departemen Imigrasi), Rizki Reza Maulana (Start-up Aplikasi & Edukasi), Amanda Maulia (Departemen Produksi), Rebecca Louise Quento (Entrepreneur), Mario Johan (Dokter), Lavico Hutabarat (Music Engineer), Gendis Freyona (Banker), Ramadhitio Alif Bagaskara (Law Firm), Inaya Yuliandaru (Pegawai PLN), Nadia Kris Sigit (Entrepreneur), and Devi Pratiwi (Entrepreneur). 

The sharing embraced their high school experiences and how High School Time affected the world lectures and their professions. This is a new moment in history where National Heroes' Day was held during the COVID-19 pandemic and the event was designed into an interesting spectacle through Gmeet where they were divided based on the profession and major they took. Their presence triggered enthusiastically questions and inquisitiveness and hopefully, it could seep into their heart and motivate them to study hard, be discipline, and work hard to welcome the bright future. 


The theme of “Pahlawan & Kita” is not hard to be interpreted that a hero is really real in our life after decades we gained the Independence. They can be parents, teachers and other role models close to our life, including alumni of GPS .

"Thank you, Hero!"

10 th November 2020. Global Prestasi School.

Written by: Anitya Wahdini, a Civics Education Teacher of Senior High School

Edited by: Bella Viona C.

Captured by: Anitya Wahdini