Travel around the world during the pandemic? Why not?

Field study is an activity that is always be missed by the students of Global Prestasi every year. Although the current condition has not allowed for school to plan a field study, but it does not preclude the creativity of teachers to set up another plan. Well, actually we could have visited the places by sticking to health protocols, but we still chose to stay at home following the government rules. This year, we planned a field study with a different nuance- to be done virtually, thus our students were invited to travel around the world.






Where did they go? Let’s go!

1st grade students visited the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia. They enthusiastically learned about the relics of the past. Afterwards they visited the Murnmask area to see the Aurora Borealis. Wow, what an amazing experience!

2nd grade students happily traveled to Monterey Bay, California, United States. They saw various animals in the zoo.

3rd grade students explored Japan cheerfully. They had the opportunity to visit Tokyo Tower, Hachiko Statue, Harajuku, and Disney land Tokyo.


4th grade students went to one of the world heritage sites namely Machu Picchu, Peru, South America. They learned excitedly about the amazing civilization of the Inca heritage.

5th grade students visited one of the archaeological sites in the Middle East, Petra, Jordan. They saw architectural buildings made of stone.

6th grade students visited the Louvre Museum, Paris, France. They looked around the historical relics in the museum. After that they visited the Eiffel Tower.



Isn’t it fantastic?! The 6 different countries are visited by Global Prestasi children!

This greatly adds new insights for us. Hopefully, we can visit these places in real- time in the future. 

3rd – 5th November 2020, Global Prestasi School

Written by, Bawono Joshua, an Elementary School Science's teacher.
Edited by, Asep Deni Saputra, Eka Kurniasih, Mario Giovanni.
Captured by, Sundosari Pratiwi, Sydney Liza Andrea Paath, Yohana Clara, Olga Tiara Ristiningtyas, Apriana Dwi Utami, Sri Muliani.