This is the tenth year of GPS organizing FORTALS themed Odyssey meaning to a long wandering or a long trip involving a lot of different and exciting activities with jargon “Walk The Journey”. Involving two characters Lilith and Calisto will invite all people to participate in FORTALS wandering around all kinds of evolving habitats related to continuing activities. Very attractive, right?

Lilith and Calisto were ready to the next travel of main programme, yet cancelled due to pandemic Covid 19 which shocked all committee.

Learning from home during the pandemic, the 12 graders committees came with a brilliant idea to continue travelling virtually adjusted with the mission of 12 graders level, namely Virtual Edu Fair. FORTALS: Virtual Education Fair 2020 was expected to be the spirit of committees and participants to adventure in search of treasure of information about universities, to achieve the right vision after High school.

Adventuring Virtual Edu Fair from 6 – 7 November 2020, Lilith and Calisto invited participants to search 14 treasures of Universities and Education agent participating in the event. Two sessions of adventures in the first day introduced 10 private universities, namely UPH, LSPR, I3L, ATMAJAYA, SGU, BINUS, BINUS International, Pradita University, PPM and UNPAR.

No less festive, the second day present 2 sessions of adventures by Fortrust and El Square where all participant got involved in seeking information of education abroad, USA and Singapore and closed by the adventures presented by the popular and favorite Universities, UI and UNPAD.

All ran so successfully beyond the expectation that the committees quickly anticipated changing the meeting media with Zoom, after the participants were booming enthusiastically. High Inquisitiveness showed high interest from the questions from the participants. It left high satisfaction and showed great accomplishment as committees organizing Virtual Edu Fair. They proved that FORTALS could last well in the different form of event during the pandemic.

They deserved pride and happiness while yelling the jargon:


6th - 7th November 2020. Global Prestasi School.

Written by: Asri Winahyu Maria Retno, Senior High School's guidance and counsellor teacher.
Edited by: Mario Giovanni.
Captured by: FORTALS Odyssey's Committee.