Not all heroes can fight, some of them can cheer up our day. Those kind of heroes are called Parents.

Pandemic is not over yet, however SD Global Prestasi does not eliminate routine programs from its annual agenda. What's the next program? In commemoration of Hero Day, SD Global Prestasi held a Parent Creative Teaching Program or known as PCT which was conducted virtually on November 10. PCT is one of the school's programs in building an education that suits individual interest and needs with the parental involvement.  PCT is also a program that aims to share the knowledge and experience of parents to the students in a fun way. In this case, parents are the real hero for children. Therefore, the school provides opportunities for students to see the hero figure in daily life.

There are many types of parental professions involved in parents' creative teaching programs. They work as pilots, police officers, chefs, accountant, and VP of sales from one of the television stations in Indonesia. They teach enthusiastically in the classroom, not much different from professional teachers. Students can take advantage of their knowledge and experiences. They will definitely get provisions to find ideal jobs or productive hobbies for their future. With this PCT program, school can develop different learning system for students with parents’ involvement. Our parents are our heroes! They struggle with their respective professions. Therefore, we should honor our heroes, including our parents.

Children also feel proud of their parents who are involved in this virtual PCT activity. One of the students told her mother that she was proud of her mother who became a teacher. PCT is not only an opportunity for parents to share knowledge for students but also create a strong bond between parents and their children.

The school also regularly provides souvenirs to parents involved in this activity. However, during the pandemic, Global Prestasi School comes and visits directly to parents’ house and delivers unique hampers with various tools that might be useful during the pandemic, such as: hand sanitizers and others.

10th November 2020. Global Prestasi School.

Written by: Asep Deni Saputra, an Elementary Indonesian Language Teacher

Edited by: Eka Kurniasih, Bawono Joshua, dan Yulianto, and Bella Viona C.

Captured by: Tri Wulandari, Masnilam, Rasfadilah, Olga Tiara Ristiningtyas, and Tahta Aksa Maha Raya