“Congratulations!” to our students.

Nathan Raphael Martua Nainggolan took home the silver medal in the "Quantum Online Student Competition 2020", Nathan was ranked 2nd in science and 3rd in English. Not only that, Nathan also won a bronze medal in science at the Realistic Nalaria Science Competition.

He also qualified for the first gold certificate and entered the interstate level at the Asean Mathematics Olympiad for Primary and Secondary School (ASMOPS) 2020. His achievements were again achieved by winning silver medals in science and English at the Indonesia Youth Science Competition (IYSC) 2020.

Beside Nathan, Nahl Khairiya Delisha Putri, a junior high school student also has a lot of achievements. She won a bronze medal in Indonesia Youth Science Competition (IYSC) 2020 and won a bronze medal at Southeast Asian Mathematical Olympiad (SEAMO) 2020 and qualified at international level.

In addition to the academic field, junior high school students also carved out achievements in the non-academic field through Joanna Stevia Chandra Saputra who won 2nd place in the Piano 2020 competition.

Once again, “Congratulations to all of you! And keep up the good work!”

23 th November 2020. Global Presentasi School.

Written by: Ajeng Maretya, an Indonesian Language Teacher for Junior High School

Edited by: Bella Viona C.

Captured by: PR Team