Joining a competition during the pandemic era? We are undaunted!

The pandemic did not dampen the enthusiasm of the Global Prestasi Senior High School students to win the competition. Philadelphia Debora Paulina (XI Science 2), Morietnez Azra Mashuri (XI Social 1), and Gita Pertiwi Wandansari (XII Social 2) were able to prove it as they won in the online competition, E-Subscribe, which was organized by SMAK Penabur, Summarecon, Bekasi.

On Saturday, November 7, 2020, the said students, who represented SMA Global Prestasi, were formally announced as winners through the official Youtube channel of SMAK Penabur, Summarecon, Bekasi. In the Song Cover Competition, Fia and Morie won first place and second place, respectively. The selection of winners in this category was based on the decision of the jury and the number of likes on social media.

Also, in the Modern TikTok Dance Competition, Gita won 2nd place. She performed a combination of modern, hip-hop, and ladies' style dance, accompanied by a bounce from singer Beyonce Knowles through the song Yonce. In this category, the selection of winners was decided solely by the members of the jury.


The 1st place and 2nd place winners in each category received a cash prize of Rp 350,000 and Rp 300,000, respectively. Besides, each of them received an E-certificate.  Regardless of the prizes, SMA Global Prestasi is undeniably proud of the achievements successfully attained by its three students. Although the conditions in the competition have adapted to the current pandemic situation, the aforementioned students were still able to prove that they are one of the foremost.

7 th November 2020. Global Prestasi School.

Written by: Anitya Wahdini, a Civic Education Teacher for Senior High School

Edited by: Theresia Widi, Moelato Hadi, and Bella Viona C.

Captured by: Arif Suryono,dan Anitya Wahdini.