The 2020 Industrial Competition Event (ICE) is a nationally- scaled online team-works competition organized by Pelita Harapan University (UPH), themed “New Condition, New Innovation", hoping that the participants could innovate and provide fresh ideas that may not have occurred to others in the ongoing pandemic era.

ICE 2020 was attended by 24 teams from various schools from Indonesia, including: IPEKA Tomang Jakarta Senior High School, UPH College Tangerang, SMAN 3 Kota Kediri, St. Nicholas school, SMA Regina Pacis Bogor, SMA Gracia, SMA Global Prestasi, Bina Bangsa School, SMA Santo Kristoforus II, SMA Dharma Putra, SMA Kristen Gloria 1 Surabaya, SMA Erenos, and SMA Ignasius Singkawang. In this opportunity, Global Prestasi SMA sent 3 teams, namely: Team Alfa (Alex, Celine, and Gio), Team Beta (Zulfan, Bagas, and Lala), and Team Omega (Tiara, Anindita, and Adytia).

This competition was designed through 3 stages, namely the Elimination stage (10 November 2020), the Semifinals (11 November 2020), and the Final (17 November 2020). Despite a team-works competition, each participant worked on 100 math and physics questions in 100 minutes individually, and the top ten teams generating the highest accumulated scores would enter the semifinals in the elimination round. The four teams successfully reaching the semifinals round were: SMA Gracia, Bina Bangsa School, Ignasius Singkawang High School, Regina Pacis Bogor High School, Global Prestasi High School (Team Alfa and Team Omega), UPH College, and SMAK Gloria 1 Surabaya.

In this semifinals round, the debate team members defend their ideas about 5 current issues related to the pandemic, which were determined by the committee.  Each team prepared materials comprehensively for all the themes given which would only be known during on the day of the semifinals. Based on the motions set before the debate, the Alfa team took the theme: " Pemanfaatan Ruang Secara Efektif di Masa Pandemi " and the Omega Team took the theme: " Pemanfaatan Lahan Restoran di Masa Pandemi ". The 5 teams with the highest scores advanced to the Final round, namely SMA Ignasius Singkawang, SMA Global Prestasi (Team Alfa and Team Omega), UPH College, and Bina Bangsa School where they, In the final round, would make a paper and presented it in front of the judges.

The paper the must be contained innovations that could be done in overcoming a pandemic. The Alfa team presented their paper entitled "Optimalisasi Pengoperasian Taman Hiburan selama Pandemi COVID-19", meanwhile the Omega conveyed theirs “Optimalisasi Langkah Preventif Transmisi Covid 19 di Waterpark ". Having struggled effortfully and worked hard, Team Alfa eventually managed to win the 1st place and Team Omega occupied the 3rd place. The Alfa Team deserved to bring home the Award Plaque and Rp 3 million in cash and The Omega Team was entitled to the Award Plaque and cash of Rp. 2 million.

Thank you the young hardworking heroes, not stifled by the pernicious and distracting pandemic, and thanks to the Beta team who consistently supported them even though their steps were stopped in the elimination round, also thanks to the teachers who were willing to guide these young men in carrying out their mandate. See you in the next competition!

17 th November 2020. Global Prestasi School.

Written by: Sri Murniasih, a Mathematics Senior High Teacher

Translated by: Syalaisha Tiara

Edited by: Editing Team SHS and Bella Viona C.

Captured by: Anitya Wahdini