It was a beautiful morning, just like any other day. But a beautiful scenery seemed to be catching everyone’s attention that particular morning. A huge flower stand bouquet, with red, white, and yellow flowers, sat in front of the senior high school lobby, waiting to greet who enters the door. It was wonderful to have been taught by such a capable teacher like you. I really miss your classes. Those wonderful words are written on it. Ah, the students of Global Prestasi Senior High School were behind this all!

It was November 25th and everybody in school was celebrating the National Teacher’s Day. The pandemic couldn’t stop us to held one sweet celebration this year. However, we have to adapt without any direct greetings or event just like usual. The students started that day with the flower stand bouquet and many messages were uploaded on the social media, congratulating and saying thank you to all the teachers.

During the afternoon, the student Union, led by Sekar Datri as the president, initiated a virtual celebration using Zoom platform. The theme was “Teachers as the Front Liners in Education”. Sekar, who was coordinating the members of the student Union; Alethea, Rayvio, Adissa, and Fikri. Maisyarani and Oryza was chosen to be masters of ceremony to conduct the event.

The celebration was opened by prayer and continued with a performance from the students. They collaborated the song Hymne Guru with a poem, entitled Guruku, written by the Bahasa Indonesia teacher, Mr. Awaluddin. Alongside the performance, the students also made a video collage while holding a paper with teachers’ names and gratitude on it. It was a very beautiful performance.

Then the students made fun games for the teachers. “We want the teachers to relax a bit today, not always being serious like when in class,” said Maisyarani, one of the MC.

The fun games consisted of two concepts, guess the location and guess the student. With minimum hints, the teachers had to guess a location in GPS site or a student in senior high school, correctly. The less hints a teacher could guess, the more points the teacher got. It was like solving a puzzle, the students were very creative and gave hints that were hard enough to guess. So, when a teacher got it all wrong, the whole audience burst into laughter. But when a teacher guessed it correctly, everybody cheered and gave a round of applause.

Even though this year’s National Teacher’s Day celebration was held online, it didn’t fail to bring a deeper meaning to all the teachers. Even there were no handshakes, hugs, or face to face meeting onsite because of the pandemic, but it’s all worth it. It was a wonderful present from the senior high school students, a memory that will lasts forever.

“Keep on teaching and creating great things, our beloved teachers! Your service and kindness shall be remembered in our mind and hearts forever.”

25 th November 2020. Global Prestasi School.

Written by: Ririn Aspriyani, an Art and Craft Teacher od Senior High School.

Translated by: Anitya Wahdini

Edited by: Editing Team of Senior High and Bella Viona C.

Captured by: The student Union of Senior High and Iman Safari