Global Prestasi Senior High School held Career Workshop activities as an effort to add and open the students’ horizons regarding their choices of majors at the Universities and what careers they could achieve.

"Honestly, when I was at your age, I had no activity like this at my school. I had no idea and no clue at all to take my major and my dream". The utterly ventilated but straightforward words came from Aloysius Selwas Taborat, the diplomat who served as Indonesia's representative at the United Nations, when speaking at the virtual Career Workshop on Wednesday, November 18, 2020.

In front of the class XI students, Selwas - familiarly known name, shared his experiences in pursuing a career as a diplomat starting from his experiences during his undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia, until now serving in New York, United States as an Indonesian Representative.

“In life, we have turning points that make us believe in choosing a goal or career. Of course, we get them from all the educations and experiences that we have gone through it well,"he said.

The students were listening enthusiastically to the various stories shared by Selwas, and asked many questions on the sidelines of the explanation. Sekar Datri, XI Social 1 student, asked about the differences between the legal system applied in Indonesia and the United States, meanwhile Siti Malika from class XI Social 2 expressed her inquisitiveness about the issues currently being discussed in the real United Nations sessions.

Around one-hour meeting given to the speakers was never enough to satisfy the students' curiosity about the diplomatic profession, law degree background, and their chosen career one day. However, it was obviously able to open up their insights into the chosen majors at the university next year.

In this Career Workshop activities, each student had the opportunity to choose two speakers with different professional backgrounds. Apart from Selwas, a diplomat, the counsellor team at SMA Global Prestasi in charge of the Career Workshops also presented 9 speakers with 9 different professions. They are dr. Taufik Aziz (specialist doctor), Angel Damayanti (lecturer / criminologist), Koes Florence (actuary), Johan Imanuel (lawyer), Krismas Wahyu Utami (producer, Maudy Moedjono (chef / entrepreneur), Lunalda Kanzeila (architect), Irene Raflesia (psychologist), and Dwi Aji (head of IT).

Having been presented with the variety of professions, XI graders are expected to have insights in determining their ambitions in the future, in addition the Career workshops are, in the short term,  open the horizons, assisting them to choose their favourite majors at universities according to their respective interests.

18 th November 2020. Global Prestasi School.

Written by: Anitya Wahdini, a Civic Education Teacher for Senior High School

Translated By: Zaura Zareen

Edited by: Editing Team of SHS and Bella Viona C.

Captured by: Anitya Wahdini