We are filled with joy and thankfulness welcoming the second semester, SY 2020-2021. On a sunny Monday morning, the beginning of the semester was initially opened by Christmas celebration and religion service for both the students and teachers to participate in. Though the preparation was quite short, but having strong spirit and faith in God, we could conduct the religion service and Christmas celebration smoothly on Monday 11 January 2021 from 8a.m until 9a.m.

The Christmas theme of the year “They will name him Immanuel” (Matthew 1:23), suits today’s situation amidst the covid-19 pandemic. This verse strengthens us, the big family of Global Prestasi School, to keep moving forward in conducting the learning process without being worried, yet remain being wise to follow the health protocol as obliged by the Government. Because of this reason, the theme “God is with us in any situation” was chosen.

Responding to PSBB (large scale social restriction), the school conducted online Christmas celebration using Zoom conference platform. However, it didn’t reduce any spirit and enthusiasm of the school members to worship and glorify God as well as to contemplate the Christmas reflection.

The online Christmas celebration began with a short drama portraying a small family who realized the current situation lately. They celebrated Christmas differently from the way they did previous years, but they were still pondering the true meaning of Christmas, which is the presence of Jesus Christ, the Savior, for humankind in the world.

The Christmas vibe, which was different this year, was aligned with the reflection presented by Mr. JB. Though we pray to God incessantly for His protection, as humans who are blessed with common sense we have to act wisely in facing this pandemic so that we can avoid the spread of the virus.

Finally, we rely mainly on our faith and hope to God Almighty that makes us, the big family of GPS, keep working vigorously because “Immanuel”, God is always with us.

11 th January 2021. Global Prestasi School.

Written by: Yahya Daulika, a Senior High School Economic Teacher

Translated by: Theresia Widi

Edited by: Kristini Natalia and  Bella Viona C.

Captured by: SHS Team