On November 18, 2020, Global Prestasi Senior High School held a webinar event with Regina Blancha, an influencer who started her career at a young age. The purpose of this webinar is to make Global Prestasi Senior High School students know what kinds of job that influencers are doing, and how to start a career at a young age, which also provide inspiration for students to love themselves more or self-love.

This activity began with Regina telling about her experiences working as an influencer from 2016 until now. She shared that in the past she did not get approval from her parents to become an influencer. Her father and mother wanted her to study law and work in law firm. In the end, she made the decision to study law as her parents wanted and became an influencer as she wanted. 

Besides that, she also shared her experiences about self-love journey. According to her, beauty does not have to be in accordance with existing standards. She wants everyone to be able to accept themselves, not to feel insecure, and be confident. 

After the experience sharing activity, she opened a question and answer session. The students asked various questions and were interested in her career journey, starting from what content she created for the first time, and to whom the most influential person in her journey. In addition, she also shared a few experiences that she never told before. She told us that she had almost been hospitalized because of being exhausted from her work. This can serve as a lesson to students that not every job is easy to do and effort will not betray the results. 

This event was running well. The students got a lot of lessons and motivation from the story that Regina has told us. The students were very interested in this activity. That could also be seen from the number of students who asked various unique questions. All participants were very satisfied with the results of the webinar. Even though it was conducted online due to the pandemic, the webinar was running well and smoothly.

18 th November 2020. Global Prestasi School.

Written by: Ayesha Naila, a Grade 10 Science-2 Student

Translated by: SHS Team

Edited by: Kristini Natalia and Bella Viona C.

Captured by: Asri Winahyu