Brain Gym activity with Stevie Lengkong on January 20th, 2021 opened the life skills activities of GPS Junior High School students.  In brain gym activity, students were invited together to do movements that stimulate the brain. It was followed by all JHS students, Stevie Lengkong guided the brain gym movement through online meeting.

Not only the brain gym movement, students were also invited to mention their early year goals and resolutions with enthusiasm.  In fact,the brain gym is not only an ice breaking.  The brain gym has so many benefits and it will be incredible if applied continuously and correctly.

The benefits of a brain gym include balancing the right and left brain, increasing concentration, the students will be easier in receiving lessons, improving memory/ memorization, improving brain blood flow, relieving stress.

This brain gym became the opening of a brain gym series that will take place three times this semester.  It is hoped that the brain gym movement can also be practiced by students in between lessons as an interlude activity.


20 th January 2020. Global Prestasi School.

Written By: Ajeng Maretya, the Junior High School Indonesian Language Teacher

Edited by: Bella Viona C.

Translated by: Octavianus 

Captured by: Priska Natasya