Phases of the Moon Poem by K. Burnsed

 A new moon is dark,

A full moon is bright.

At the first and last quarter,

We see half light.

During a crescent phase,

We see just silver.

Exploring the universe and identifying the moon phases are the opening activities for our main theme, Earth and Universe. The students will have an adventure across the universe through our Fun Activities.

We find some awesome activities in exploring the topics by making DIY Universe & Stars craft. We glue the surface of the black asturo paper, then we stick the bent pipe cleaners and sprinkle the glitters on it. Pipe cleaners represent the Milky Way galaxy and the glitters as the stars. These activities give the students visualization of how the galaxy’s form is.

To identify the Moon Phases, we decorate the template with the cookies. The students peel the cookies’s cream to form each phase. The best part is having fun wearing pajamas. Pajamas represent our night outfit to see the moonlight. So awesome, right?

Dancing in the moonlight and you will feel alright.

22 th January 2021. Global Prestasi School.

Written by: Bestaria Zendrato and Dwi Dorkas P. R. Sihombing, Montessori Homeroom Teachers of K2

Edited by: Nova Manik and Bella Viona C.

Captured by: Homerooms of K2