The annual agenda at Global Prestasi Junior High School is coming back, the inaugural Film Festival is being held in online way. The Film Festival lasts for two days, January 25th with the agenda of film screenings and followed by award ceremony on January 26th . This time, the Film Festival entered Session 10, it was started from the English Club activities at the beginning of the GPJHS where there were film-making activities at the event, then continued until now which is a routine agenda.

In making this film, the students' ability in speaking English was also being trained. Not only language, but in the IT aspect, they can apply their knowledge gained during Digital Technology learning.

There were 8 films owned by the students, they finished the processes from script writing, filmmaking process to editing. Ticket, 3:33, Consience, Saudade, Thridteen, Deseption, Crying Season and La 'verita were the titles of the eight films in the Film Festival. Tilled very nicely by students, these films have received a lot of praise, from the actors acting to the match setting with the story.

Below are the awards and the winners list of the Sesion 10 Film Festival.

Supp. Actor : Gamaliel Art Ba Tua Js

Supp. Actress : Bianca Shayna Olivia E

Best Actor : Kenar Lakeswara Taruli Sinaga

Best Actress : Made Ririn Putri Ariawan

Best Edited : 3.33 (Alesius Gyrsan Suharyanto)

Best Director : Gusti Ayu Anabela Puspita

Best Poster : Alesha Cleovitha Chandra  (Conscience)

Scriptwriter/Screenplay : Ticket (Navaro Nayottama)

Best Film:

1. Ticket

2. Third-Teen

3. Deception

Film trailer : Ticket

Film favorite : Third-Teen

Star male : Keenan Emmanuel Natawiguna

Star female: Gusti Ayu Anabela Puspita

26th January 2021. Global Prestasi School.

Written by: Ajeng Maretya, the Junior High School Indonesian Language Teacher

Translated by: Oktavianus Yeri

Edited by: Bella Viona C.

Captured by: Laurentius L. Sutrisno dan Priska Natasya