Yeay, we are so excited to learn on Week 5 and 6! During these two weeks, we discussed planets. There are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. We do some activities to enhance the students’ skills and get better recognition of the topic learned. We paint a trash bucket and the Eco bag with watercolours and brushes as a Less Plastic GPS Fantastic program. This activity helps the students to have an awareness about the environment. They know how to identify plastic waste and to reduce single-use plastic by bringing their very own eco-bag while shopping. 

As the topic activity, the N2 students make dough planets by kneading the dough based on the planets' size. They develop their fine motor skills and know the sequence & colour of them. For the K1 students, they make the solar system project by arranging the planets on the template. They paste the planet pictures by using popsicle sticks. The same goes for K2 students who make their solar system project by pasting and colouring the planets accordingly. Besides, they paste the planet's facts to complete the project.

To embrace our Unity and Diversity value, we also make some craft like Ox Party Hat, Ox Lampion, and Liong craft for the Lunar New Year celebration at home. Good job, N2 Sparkle, K1 Bright, and K2 Shine! Stay safe and healthy!

19th March 2021


Written by: Yohana Alvita, Homeroom of N2

Edited by: Sofia Marantika, Nova Manik and Angela Manurung

Photos by: Homerooms of Montessori