Earth is our topic for the 7th and 8th week. We discuss Earth as the only one living planet in the solar system. As usual, we always have our fun activities every single week. It helps the students to learn in a fun way. 

The first fun activity is Picnic. Even though we do it virtually, all the students from each level look so happy and excited. They wear their best picnic outfit, hat, sunglasses, and prepare for the meals, of course! Not only that, but the K1 students also play a scavenger hunt game. The students have to find some things that smell good, blue, cube, smooth, and round. This game can help them in identifying the objects. Meanwhile, students from other levels learn to differentiate waste and to give thanks to our Earth. 

Our second fun activity in K1 is “Happy Earth”. We make a craft to show our willingness to help and keep our beloved planet. The students paste the green crumpling paper and blue sand over the earth template. The green crumpling paper represents the land, while the blue sand represents the water. As we know that the Earth surface consists of land and water. Then, the students identify and paste some pictures of the living things based on their habitats, whether they live in the land or water. The same goes for N2 students, they spread the blue sand on the template to make the “Blue Earth”. This activity channels them to their Montessori activity, which is the Land and Water Form. For K2, they have “Undo Water Pollution”. They have a simulation of how dirty our water supply is if humans keep throwing waste carelessly. In the end, they clean the water by picking up the trash and then throwing the polluted water into the ground. The students do this activity enthusiastically and they are so happy after seeing the result. You are great, everyone! 

Happy hearth make a Happy Earth!

1st Aoril 2021. Global Prestasi School.

Written by: Dian Puspitasari, K1 Homeroom

Edited by: Sofia Marantika, Nova Manik, Angela Manurung