It is so wonderful as we are in Term 4 now! This term is going to be fun because we will travel to "Around the World". This theme will guide us to learn about continents and their countries. In the first and second weeks, we discuss “7 Continents”. We invite the students to recognize the colour of those continents, the famous landscapes, and the native tribes. We have a Fun Activity "Children of the World" by wearing colourful clothes based on the continents as shown in the World Puzzle Map in Montessori. The students have a simple presentation to mention the continent's name according to their represented clothes. This activity helps the students to identify the colour of continents easily. 

We also have a virtual trip to Antarctica by watching the video, wearing winter outfits, and doing science experiments on how Antarctica's animals live there in the following week. The students prepare cold water in a basin, ice cubes, gloves, and zip-lock plastic. They make hands cover by putting on gloves. Afterwards, they cover again with the zip-lock. Then, they dip their hands into the cold water mixed with ice cubes. From those activities, we want the students to feel how cold Antarctica is. The students also can identify the animals, people and landscape there. We do enjoy this activity. The students also look delighted because they can play with the ice cube and cold water. Good job, dear. 

5th April 2021. Global Prestasi School.

Written by: Ria Kurnianti (Homeroom of K1)

Edited by: Sofia Marantika, Nova Manik and Angela Manurung