Global Prestasi Junior High School will conduct CheckPoint Exam on April 16, 19, and 2021. The test is aimed at students in grades 8 and 9 for the Cambridge Program. The subjects that will be tested are English as a second language, Mathematics, and Science. Students have been prepared for exams starting with a learning system that can help students develop self-confidence, responsibility, a spirit of innovation, critical thinking, and the desire to participate actively. Learning is also designed so that students are ready to take part in learning at the next level.

By taking a series of tests and Checkpoint preparation, it is hoped that students will have a global perspective and be balanced with having a nationalist spirit and a love for local culture.

The exam system is carried out in each house. Before the exam, students take questions that are still sealed at school then return the exams that have been done to school on the same day. The examinees do this exam with high integrity under the surveillance of two invigilators using the zoom platform. Hopefully, the preparations that have been carried out so far support students to focus on the work and manage time well, so that all questions can be done optimally. Greetings for success for this CheckPoint Exam!

20th March 2021. Global Prestasi School.

Written By: Priska Natasya (teacher)

Translated by: Oktavianus Yeri (English Teacher)

Edited by: Angela Manurung