Junior High School presents robotics as one of the life skills activities for students. Divided into several meetings, starting in mid-February JHS students were introduced to robotics. Robotics is an activity related to electronics, machinery, mechanics and computer software.

To facilitate robotic life skills, students are provided with ready-to-use equipment that has been sent previously. In addition to equipment, students also use applications that are used during activities. The activity divided into three sessions, students were divided into several groups where each group is assisted by a coach.

It is starting from the introduction of robotics to the climax of the "Robotic Camp" activity. Robotic Camp is held all day long. Students assemble sensor device that functions as a sensor if there is an object in front of the tool. This tool was chosen because, at times, we encounter many touchless sensors for various needs.

"In my opinion, robotics is very fun and different from the robotic activities that I previously participated in," said Hilman, an 8th-grade student of JHS. By presenting various activities in life skills, students are expected to find deeper passions in the future.

1st May 2021. Global Prestasi School.

Written by: Ajeng Maretya (BI Teacher)

Edited by: Angela Manurung

Translated by: Oktavianus Yeri (English Teacher)