As a school with the Montessori method, Global Prestasi Montessori promotes direct touch learning with real objects as learning materials. That is why sending the learning materials to our beloved students becomes essential. The learning materials are included a worksheet for respective subjects, craft and science stuff, fun activities, religion lesson activities, and for sure Montessori materials. For the Montessori materials themselves, the teachers create replicas of them, so the students and teachers can work together while having online learning. Those materials are supporting the process of learning since the students have real experience while utilizing them.

But, how can our students receive those materials in between this pandemic? Hmm, is it possible to come to school since the Micro Scale Public Activity Restriction (PPKM) is being applied? Don’t you worry! Our school bus is the rescue, yoohoo!

Since entering the new year and the regulations set on by the government, Global Prestasi Montessori is committed to delivering the learning materials by our school bus or well known as jemputan to the students’ door house. This action is to avoid the crowd at the school yet make sure the materials are well-received.

Our tremendous teachers and agile administration staff work together with our dexterous driver team. The teachers prepare those learning materials. Then the admin staff collect the address and contacts of the students' domiciles. Next, those learning materials and all the contact data are passed over to our drivers. They sort them as the location every Thursday afternoon in the period of the material delivery. One things to guarantee those learning materials are arrived safe and sound, our drivers spray it with the disinfectant.  


On the next day, since early morning, our drivers start sending them out. There are five drivers to reach five routes. The first route is Galaxy and Bekasi Timur. Then the second route is Bintara until Bekasi Utara. Caman, Billy Moon, Pondok Kelapa, until Cipinang is the third route. The fourth route is Caman, Jatibening, Jatikramat, Jatiasih, up till Pondok Gede. The last route is around the GPS area, Jakasampurna, up to Kranji. What a long journey they have! For the delivery itself, it takes two days Friday and Saturday, to accomplish them all. If ever, the drivers have obstacles on their way, they will contact the parents to discuss a solution. Our parents are very welcome to receive the learning materials from those downright drivers. Thank you, Mr Driver!

Those amazing works look like a conveyor belt in the airport. Endless effort, one for all, for our beloved students.

Thank you, our Dexterous Driver!

5th May 2021. Global Prestasi School.

Written by: Nova Manik

Edited by: Eti Triyana and Angela Manurung