Kartini's Day Celebration 2021

Kartini's Day Celebration is an annual event in Global Prestasi School. For this year's celebration, the student council of Global Prestasi Senior High School, Adikara Bimata, held a talk show with the main topic "Women Empowerment in Modern Age" on Wednesday, April 21, 2021. The talk show featured Angel Damayanti, Rini Dianasari, and Indria Ratna Hapsari as the guest speakers. They were moderated by Malika Ramadhina and Asri Winahyu. Along with, Filadelfia Debora and Keisha Irena were acting as the hosts. This joyous event was aimed to commemorate what R. A. Kartini had done, creating a massive impact on Indonesian women in this modern era.

The event was started by singing the Indonesian anthem and the Kartini song and followed by an opening speech from the principal, Ms Bernadetha Sutanti. Then listening to the presentation by Ms Noviani Kumalasari, we were brought to reminisce about Kartini's backstory with her magnificent actions that affected the understanding of patriarchy. There were also various online performances from the Senior High students linking to Kartini's Day, such as a video containing messages about Kartini from the members of the student council and some other students, a band cover consisting of Morie and Kenzie: the Kartini anthem and the song "Teduhnya Wanita" by Raisa, and the Indonesian traditional dance brought by GLOWZY. Lastly, the main activity, the talk show. 

The talk show gave lots of support to all participants, especially women. The three speakers elaborated on women's empowerment and shared their great experiences in achieving their dreams. They are mothers with high education and exceptional careers in their fields. Mrs Hapsari is a woman entrepreneur, dr. Dianasari is an aesthetician, and Dr Damayanti is a professor and terrorism observer.

Throughout the talk show, dr. Dianasari was concerned about the importance of women's health as society sometimes has a culture against women's health, such as women circumcision. Dr Damayanti encouraged participants, chiefly women, to do their best and be brave, regardless of what other people will comment. She told this as she works as a terrorism observer, which men dominated. Mrs Hapsari discussed her obstacles as a single mother in raising her children, which she also explained that it took much courage indeed. There was one thing that all speakers had in common: they work hard to achieve their dreams and work within their status as a mother. They work with courage and plenty of support, as the majority of society remains prejudiced towards women. The talk show was filled with constructive answers. That may lead people to be filled with motivation, to have faith in themselves, and to make them realize whether they're on the right track or not.

To sum it up, Kartini is one of the Indonesian heroines since she fought for women's rights and gender equality in education. She believed that knowledge could be for everyone. As for now, she left a great remark, and gender equality has never been much better since then.

30th April 2021. Global Prestasi School.

Written by: Keenan Jeremy XI Soc 1

Edited by: Ms. Theresia Widi, Ms Kristini Natalia and Angela Manurung

Captured by: Public Relations Team Adikara Bimata